Peer Review Survey

Survey Peer Review: Team D Review
Team D’s survey was based on data gathering for Nanny Grannies, a home health agency founded in 1990.   Peer review feedback is an important aspect so the surveys can more effective.
Team D has great questions that can help the appearance, friendliness, and meeting the needs of families, residents, and visitors.   Telephone surveys are a bit more difficult because it is hard for you to catch your audience at the right time.   So to be more conscientious about others time and the ability to get more responses, we would suggest minimizing the number of questions.   The questions regarding cleanliness could become combined into one question as well as some of the other questions that relate to one another.   The main importance of a home health agency is that you are able to meet the needs of your customer’s so concentrating more on those questions would be a positive thing to do.
We believed the nature of the questions were sometimes confusing. By ‘home health’ is that assumed to be in the patient’s home? If so, it’s hard to understand why so many questions are regarding Granny Nannie’s location appearance and experience. This would help being clarified as to what the questions reference, specifically. Since this is a phone interview, it would be helpful for the participant to understand the purpose of the survey. Likewise, how was the participant chosen? What is the purpose of the information being fathered? Background on how the participant was chosen would be helpful and scripting on the purpose of the call, what the overall intention is. Lastly, we found it difficult to understand what management question(s) was driving the need for this research. Have there been complaints about the cleanliness of the location (is that the corporate office)?
The survey questions should be created so to drive an understanding of the management questions.   The scoring format is easy to understand, and the questions are concise and to the point....