Payment Methods

To initiate this report it is first cautious to enquire into the background of current company history and payment techniques, along with summarising the scope of reviewing and comparing these techniques by breaking down the weaknesses and strengths and make recommendations where it is possible.
X is a leading international, pharmacy-led health and beauty group operating in over twenty countries and it has a history spanning over one hundred and sixty years. Its main UK support offices are based in Feltham and Nottingham. (See Ref 1, About X[Online]

The payroll department operates several payrolls which are divided into small teams with their own regions. This report focuses on the payroll for all X UK stores; this covers all retail stores wpith the X branding facia in the mainland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland (Nottingham support office) This equates to working sixty six thousand permanent paid employees and eight thousand temporary employees throughout the year which operates mixture of negative and positive payroll depending on their terms of contract. There are also an expected seven and half thousand seasonal employees (Christmas and summer school holiday periods) which paid through positive payroll who are employed between September to February for the Christmas employees and June to August for the student employees each year (figures from Bankers Automated Clearing Service (BACS) file November 2009) These employees are based in over the two thousand and five hundred X stores and almost three hundred field support offices (Area / Region and Divisional hierarchy based) known as X UK.
The payroll department was outsourced to NG in 2006 with an aim of allowing X to concentrate on more strategic tasks without being bogged down with back office duties.
Currently the payroll department operates the UniPay system commonly known as Legacy payroll, which has been in use for the last fifteen years. The system is dependable on...