Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

Usman Khan

Major groups of e-commerce are; they contain B2C, B2B and C2C. B2C is retailing of goods to customers from a business. This will contain retail merchandises, such as music, books, electronics etc. B2B is purely that; the retailing of goods to other organizations and companies. This would be primarily wholesale items that are used to make other products.   Industrial parts fuels and chemicals can be the example of this. The last main group of e-commerce is C2C. This procedure is used for consumers using a company to sell goods to other individuals. Amazon can be taken as a great example of these kind of business.
Digital wallet is a type electronic payment. Digital wallets are used to store any credit card information and personal information securely and encrypted on a machine. This procedure is used to decrease the time to reenter credit card and personal information. Recurring and new purchases are quickly submitted through this process. Micropayment are used for small purchases that are relatively small for regular credit payments.   Next process is accumulated balance digital payment. This process is used to make payments with micro transactions. These transactions are usually paid thru phone bills of credit card. Alternative method of electronic payment system is stored value payment. This method is used to purchase goods from the websites by preloading money through them just like having a gift card. Electronic billing presentment and payments method is used for routine transactions such as bill paying.
I use PayPal because I also have an eBay seller's account and do lots of business over eBay. I believe the best method of payment is stored value payment. This makes things more convenient when purchasing online. It allows you to check your balance and determine whether you have the funds for a purchase. You can also effortlessly transfer funds from a credit card and also a bank account if needed.
B2B is sustained through...