Pay for Play

Pay for Play

Short Paper

Timothy McGee

Southern New Hampshire University

January 10, 2015

There are many ways one could answer the age old question should college athletes be paid. The bigger question should be why are student athletes not being paid. I stand firm on the issue that student athlete's should be compensated for the work they put in for the University. I am a former student athlete and I feel strong about the situation because I have seen thing behind the curtain that the normal American public does not see. If people really knew what it was like to be in the shoes of a student athlete they would probably choose to go to school without sport. The lifestyle of a student athlete is demanding. Do to NCAA rules student athletes are unable to work during the school year due to compromising tactics like receive an increased amount of money because you play for a respected program. Many athletes have lost money from being taken advantage of by agents, coaches, and lenders all looking to cash out when the athlete play professionally. There are many rules to keep student athletes in a system where they basically have no control over there future. For example if a student athlete wanted to transfer to a different college they would have to sit out one academic semester no matter the circumstance. If a student athlete wants to transfer the coach can keep them from going to certain programs. Some coaches have the right to even protect players while there still in high school to keep them from attending schools. Coaches on the other had are making the big bucks of of a door of revolving talent. When a coach decides they want to take a better job they have the right to leave there respect program with no penalties and start all over. A $25,000 scholarship may seem like a lot of money, but it really only covers the basics. It covers thousands of dollars in mysterious, unknown university fees, tuition, housing, a meal-plan and multiple hundred-dollar...