Developing the Leader Within You Book Essay

Developing the Leader within You Essay
This book has changed me in some significant way. I can certainly say that it has not left me disappointed. Rather, it has left me with a gift and that is to redeem myself in a way that I can become a new leader. There are morals that I am taking with me, as well as morals that I already know. But then again, I have attained something from this and am taking it with me to college! Sure, there were some parts where I was confused but it changed after I started elaborating more of what it was getting to. My overall favorite concept in this book was “pay now, play later.” That amazing line is what I live by and have been living by it since I learned my lesson not to procrastinate.
To continue in my leadership field, I will strive and struggle. Struggle is “key” in my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have the means of being a leader. One cannot just say that he/she is simply a leader through the means of just leading a committee, or being the eldest/wisest of the group. It just does not work that way. A leader needs to speak with their followers and tell them that as a follower, they are leaders themselves. They learn the details from the leader and become one themselves. It’s just like a teacher…a teacher provides a student a wide range of knowledge on a subject and it is up to that student to continue it on when he/she gets older. That is a perfect example of leadership, going through the struggle of having someone else do the job when you are gone. A leader needs to focus and discuss what issues are going on that need to be resolved. It simply does not work that they just lead. Leaders go through tough work to get what they want done and accept any type of help gladly from the good of someone’s heart. I have learned that leaders strive for every bit and opportunity, that they resolve issues in a timely matter, and most off that they have patience.
“Pay now, play later,” are the words that struck me in this book. It is true,...