Paternity Leave

I believe the company that provides the Father-to-Be the option of Paternity leave will benefit more in the end, and it will be a benefit for all parties involved, after all should the father be treated differently than the mother? It is just as important for the father to bond with the child as the mother because at some point he will have to take over the duties of parenting; even single mothers eventually will have to hire babysitters or family members to watch their child while they go back to work or shopping. Paternity leave for the Father-to Be can benefit the family in so many ways, the father can sort out day-care providers and in some cases some mothers may require surgery in order to give birth and the father becomes even more important.
“ Even though fathers are not the ones actually giving birth or having to   recover from the pains of childbirth, the fathers role is just as important in supporting his family in the weeks and months following childbirth.”   Matt Allen (2011) - Paternity Leave Facts. MENRIGHTS.COM  
                                                                                                                                                                                            I support the need for the father to have the paternity leave for at least a little while because it takes a lot to have a new born baby and the parent will need time to recuperate afterwards. In most cases after nine months of carrying, the female is exhausted after childbirth and taking care of a newborn can be quite taxing. The father should not only be there for the caring of his child but to provide comfort and assistant to his wife.

“In the end I do believe that men as well as women should be protected and increasing number of companies are offering benefits such as flexible work arrangements, parenting education classes and on-site child care.”     Jim McGaw ( 2010 )   Paternity Leave: More Companies Becoming Father-Friendly –