Parents Deserve Respect

Why Parents Deserve Their Children’s Respect

Christopher Hull


Ms. Davis

Why Parents Deserve Their Children’s Respect

      I come from a family where that when I was a child, I always had to respect my parents. Unfortunately in these new days, my children do not think they have to show the same respect as I did when I was a child. A very big and exhausting fight with my oldest son about his drug problem broke out. My oldest son Josh told us to our faces that he didn't have to respect us because we hadn't earned the respect from him. Things became very clear that my son Josh didn't have the same respect towards my wife and me at that time. In my opinion, my children need to respect us parents, no matter the situation.

      As the fight began, the yelling started very quick. We could tell that Josh was getting very frustrated very quickly. His voice became more and more loud, and his face started to become flush as well. We tried to talk to him in a mature manner, not trying to yell but tried to get through this in a somewhat calm manner. This manner didn't last very long, as he started to get very loud, and his yelling became louder and louder. We knew at this point that things may end up bad for the both of us if things didn't settle down pretty quick.

      I am not much of a yelling type person myself. I am more of a logical type of person and sometimes I don't understand why people get so worked up in an argument. As this argument turned into a yelling match with Josh and my wife, I felt totally embarrassed. I knew with all this yelling that the neighbors could probably clearly hear that were all fighting about something.   I tried to get my son to settle down and not yell as loud as he was, but his face was beet red, and you could see the anger and rage in his face.
      The raw emotion coming from Josh's yelling could have scared anyone if they were to hear him. All of this yelling and screaming came...