Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook


Ms. Rendon’s 2nd

Grade Class

Table of Contents
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1. My Teaching Philosophy 1
2. The West school staff members 2
3. Daily schedule 3
4. Admission Requirements 4
5. Hours and Fees 4
6. Dress code 5
7. Supplies 5
8. Vacations and Holidays. 6
9. Attendance Policies 6
10. Drop off and Pick up Policies 6
11. Health and Safety Regulations 7
12. Lunch Program 7
13. Children Celebrations 8
14. Teaching strategies 8
15. Parent volunteers 8

Ms. Rendon’s Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the responsibility of the teacher is to provide the student the knowledge they need to succeed in the classroom.   As a teacher I will encourage my students to go forward with their goals. I will not give up on my students and expect them not to give up on themselves.

2009-2010 The West School Staff Members

Pre-K Lina Saenz
Margie Rivera
Kindergarten Laura Fetch
Sue Monk
Krista Neil
First Grade Mara Dominguez
Hector Rodriguez
Pamela Truijo
Second Grade Kathy Acer
Jan Kellogg
Kathy Gem
Third Grade Sue Arrianda
Linda Berta
Lisa Bloom
Fourth Grade Belinda Gray
Robert Hugh
Vanessa Garca
Fifth Grade Gina Pot
Gernaro Bliss
Gerald Brown

Librarian Rita Wolf
Counselors Diana Graham
Kelly Small
Special Ed Darcy Pitt
Sherril Cantu
Alisha Perez
Paraprofessionals Victoria Hall
John Smith
Gena Wilson
School Nurse Nancy Grant
Secretaries Becky Kin
Justine Ball
Principal Roger Lion
Assistant Principal Amy Will

2009-2010 Daily Schedule
Please make sure students arrive on time to class everyday

Class Begins 8:35
Morning Recess 10:05-10:25
Lunch 11:45-12:10
Lunch Recess 12:10-12:30
Dismissal 3:05

Admission Requirements to my class and school
Admission to the School
Fill out registration paperwork