Good Parents

Many types of parents live in this world. There are different types of parents. There are easy going parents and also extremely strict parents. I think good parents should let the kids explore by themselves and also care about what they are doing.
If parents let their kids use the internet, it is a good thing because this way, kids can be informed about the news and also work at the same time. Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and all those instant messaging and chatting websites and programs are actually helping the kids because usually the kids go on to ask for help on homework from their friends.
Let the kids hang out with friends. Parents should let kids have more freedom, if the kids are happy with their socializing, it will let the kid stay happy. Happiness is good for people’s health. If parents let the kid socialize more, then the kid will be happy and not be all depressed and stressed out. Friends can give support, encouragement or just cheer the kid up.
Money and cell phones will be a big part of a kid’s life. Parents should give at least some money to a kid each month. Some of it is for the phone money and some for whatever he/she wants to buy. Kids always want a cool cell phone to text their friends when they’re bored or just to have it because it is a handy tool. Parents should definitely give money to the kids, not a lot, some is enough.
The biggest problem is most parents are always saying, kids should use more time to study! Kids don’t need money and cell phones! And talking to your friends on the internet is wasting time! All of those things are kind of true, but if the parents don’t give the kids what they want, then the kids will always be angry and depressed. That’s not going to help their education. Kids need to be happy and good in school at the same time, so parents should give them freedom.
Lastly, I would like to say, it’s up to the parents to tell the kids what to do, but I think parents should give kids more freedom...