Palm Oil Press Advantages Than Other Plant Oil Materials

Palm oil press differ from conventional plant oil material
Palm oil press roughly divided into five steps:

1. Palm oil press material receiving storage section
Take the fresh and mature palm fruit to discharge table.
Make fruit free fall into the cage in the cage.

2. Palm oil press sterilization
Sterilization for about 60 minutes, high-temperature cooking oil palm fruit pulp of lipase, to avoid oil free fatty acid content increases.

To facilitate mechanical threshing, soft fruit, also is advantageous to the subsequent core shell, reduce the breakage of the nuts.

3. Palm oil press section of take off the fruit section
Oil palm fruit grain occupy about 60% of the whole fruit bouquet, threshing purpose is to isolate the palm fruit from the bouquet.
After the separation of oil palm fruit discharge, palm fruit can be put into press section.

4. The whole palm oil press section
Crushing and cooking to tear fruit skin, separate the pulp and the core and mash pulp tissue, heat at the same time to make soft flesh, destruction flesh cell structure. Then put the palm fruit into screw press machine

5. Palm oil processing -squeeze oil cleaning section
After squeezing we can get crude palm oil, after washed with water, diluted after sedimentation, filtration, efiber material can be removed from the oil, which is roughly the technology of palm oil press.

Conventional oil squeezing approximately two kinds: hot press and cold press:

peanut hot press as an example.
When Hot pressing, first we need to crush or flaking, out it in the steamer about 1.5 to 2 hours, and then put inside boiler steam with a temperature of 120 degrees or so, when water percentage is about 3% then can become pressing, press temperature should be of 85 degrees, is the normal press processing.
If there is no steamer, peanut kernel can also be Fried in fry pan, first crushing peanut , gradually increase about 7-8% of the water, fry till dark yellow when out of the pot into the press.
The difference...