The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

An unfortunate event occurred at the Gulf of Mexico. It was on April 20, 2010 when a big explosion came about. Which is now known as The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. This significant oil spill took eleven peoples life away and injured seventeen others. It also endangered a huge amount of animals, nearly four-hundred of them around the areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and also Florida. On April 24th it was revealed that they had found the reason of the spill. A wellhead was damaged and was now leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico.
  The spill was one of the largest oil spills in the history of petroleum industry. The spill had came from a sea floor oil gusher. Based on my research the oil started gushing into the gulf because of a mistake of BP’s, also known as The British Petroleum Company. BP proceeded their work on drilling, knowing that the drill was in bad condition because a part needed to be replaced. Instead of taking precaution, it caused this big catastrophe. BP said they continued because “They did not want to loose any time or anybodies job”  
    A ton of crude oil is about 308 United States gallons or 7.33 barrels. For the Gulf spill it released an amount of 4.9 million barrels of crude oil. There has been many oil spills around the world. The first oil spill had occurred around the 1940’s in the U.S (Brooklyn, NY) which was called Greenpoint Oil Spill. All of the oil spills were due to damage of ships, pipes and many other reasons. The spills gushed uncontrollably for months, my research of the Greenpoint spill said it continued for a couple of years.
    The Gulf of Mexico is well known by its tropical climate. Its location for the huge body of water is the Mediterranean Sea. The Gulf is bordered north of the United States and also southeast of Cuba. The entire body of the Gulf of Mexico has been estimated 1,600 kilometers (east to west) and 900 kilometers (north to south). The surface area is 1.5 million square kilometers. The water...