Owning a Business

Developing Good Business Sense

Jeff Vories


    The first company I chose to observe was an automotive dealership service department. Owning both an American made vehicle and a foreign made vehicle, I can truly say there is a big difference when it comes to customer service and how their employees do their task. One of the things I noticed when I took my ford in for a tune-up was how laid back the service advisors where, my advisor never greeted me, for the most part he never left his desk, compared   to the Honda service department.   The advisor greeted me at my car and took all my information down before I could get out of my car. There were computers outside as well as inside of the service department,   I also compared the prices, as well as to the customers coming and going and yes there were happier and regular Honda customers then ford. I think that was because of the different kinds of systems they use, but I think the bottom line is I found that fords systems are all not linked together like Honda’s and that to me makes a big different when it comes to servicing a customer’s vehicle, for example I serviced my vehicle in one city that gave me certain points for every time I bring my vehicle in and I took my vehicle to a closer service department and the would not honor the points because ford has not updated all of their service departments at that time.   I am a little confused though, when it came to having the parts on hand ford did a better job at keeping their inventory stocked, although having a busy service department and keeping   your customers happy I would think that would keep their inventory low.
    My second company I observed was Costco. I have to say I think Costco has the best system I have seen. The employees are all very professional. I can remember when Costco first opened and how there was one person calling out the sku numbers while the other person was typing the numbers in as fast as they could, and then when scanners...