Owen Speech Form on Essay

Purpose: to inform people of owen’s reason to write poems during the war
Time: 4 minutes 20 seconds maximum
What words can describe the brutality, suffering and pain of war? – Today there are thousands of boys and girls including myself who are willing to put up their lives for this country but will our pride be given its proper burial? This is what Owen tried to explain, although we would give so much for our country to the point our life was on the line. What reason does it have for having war in the first place? Why our lives must be sacrificed and taken for control or for one person’s belief of that “this is the only way”. Owen through his poem’s described the efforts and struggle the soldiers faced but he never refers to World War I as his poems are universal and are meant to advise people that all wars have the same affect even if it’s not the war he faced in. As the quote says “poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn”, real poetry breathes your air as it comes to life in your mind, as it creates the image without effort, in your head you can see the words not only read it from the paper and this is what Owen aimed for as he uses words that he really felt with the fusion of techniques brings existence to his poems as he tries to convey to the world the reality of war in all its brutality, as he tries to show that war cannot be shown through posters or images but through the truth of words and firsthand experience of the futility of sacrifice. This is seen in all his poems which include “dulce et decorum est” which reveals the experience of death and “Disabled” showing sacrifice does not give recognition.
Let’s consider the war in all its brutality, Owen makes this the theme of his poetry as he feels that the world yet knows what war is. Thus he uses strong descriptive language and visual imagery as he was able to write his poems while knowing his life was on the line thus his poetry is shows exactly what he felt or knew would happen...