Outline the View That Big Supermarkets Both Provide and Limit Choice

Big supermarkets and the power they wield in the modern world is of interest to social scientist as a means of understanding consumer society. The market power and buying power of the four major supermarkets, and their expansion has brought claims and counter claims from pro and anti supermarket factions. This essay describes supermarket power, and using social science concepts, claims and evidence explains both pro and anti supermarket viewpoints.
Consumerism is a way of life in Britain today, and the way people shop has changed, with shopping malls and the big supermarkets taking a large percentage of the profit once enjoyed by local smaller shops.   (Kevin Hetherington, 2009, pg.20). For those with more disposable income the brand of trainers they wear, the food they eat, the cars they drive may become a status symbol. Warren Susman believes people buy goods to express their personality, which gives them a sense of self esteem or status, a desired lifestyle to aim for. (Susman 2003,pg.280cited in J Allen 2009).   Whilst other sections of society with less disposable income may find themselves excluded.   Although of course people do still shop for essentials, shopping has become much more of a leisure pursuit, or pastime, whole television channels are dedicated to shopping, and the after Christmas sales often make the headlines and the national news.   Social scientist Zygmunt Bauman describes modern society as the seduced and the repressed. Bauman uses these words to illustrate and convey his concept, of consumer’s being seduced or enticed by the supermarkets, the repressed being those unable to take part either by circumstance or choice. (Zygmunt Bauman,1988 cited in J. Allen .,2009)
There are many views on consumer society, it may very well be that some opt out preferring farmers markets which have become so popular in local areas. Or charity shops can be the “in” place to buy clothes and goods, particularly   retro fashion trends.

However supermarkets with...