Outline the View Big Supermarkets Both Provide and Limit Choice.

Outline the view that big supermarkets both provide and limit choice.
Everyone uses the big supermarkets to do their weekly shop, enticed in by the prices they can offer and the vast array of items you can buy under one roof. Do any of us know the real effect these big supermarkets are having on the local high streets and small traders?   If you drive through any town, city or village you are bound to see the big signs of the supermarkets, whether it’s the large superstores or the local stores we can’t miss the big supermarkets from encroaching in to our lives. If we like it or not it is hard to stop this happening and we all now need and rely on these supermarkets to be there with their convenient opening hours and unbeatable prices. Sometimes it’s hard to see what we would do without these shops so local to us.
Everybody knows the big main supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison and ASDA) you can’t miss them whether it’s in your local village or town, petrol stations or on the industrial estates, they are everywhere but what do these businesses bring and take from the social order in our lives. The press and media never seem to have a good word to say about them how they take away and destroy local traders and rip of the consumers.
I am going to start at looking at the pro supermarket. The main points I am going to look at are
  * What do supermarkets give back to society?
  * Would they have power without the consumers?
  * How does the consumer benefit from the supermarkets?
There is no denying the power and domination or the large supermarkets with their control of the high streets and the grocery market. With this power good is also done by the supermarkets. A good example is from an article by Jon Walker. (Petersfield post 03/12 pg. 5) The local Tesco store has just brought land from the senior school that boarders the supermarket to extend the store by 18,000 square feet. The Tesco Company has paid £1m for this land; with this money the school...