Outline the Claim That Consumption Creates New Social Divisions.

Outline the claim that consumption creates new social divisions.

In this TMA I am being asked to look at the idea that consuming creates new social divides, in order to do this I will use some theories set out within the Learning companion 2 materials, and on the Open University’s student home.
In this instance I am looking at the key words in the question in order to unpack it and understand it further. Firstly outline is pertaining to a general description of how consumption creates social divisions, giving detail while backing up and evidencing any claims with references or citations in the text, which will be added to a bibliography at the end of the text.

The physical part of the question, being the action of consumption, is linked to the use or purchase of goods and services. The final part of my dissection of the question is the social division’s part. This term Social, is related to a collective of people within a community, otherwise known as society, and then divisions meaning that there are clear breaks or

In my essay I will look at the theories relating to consumption and explain them further, also comparing these theories to an older one of a class system.   To further this I will relate claims to the text I have used to learn about these systems. More over I will look at how society consumes goods and services, and the impact of this on society and societies interpretation of these social developments.

Consumer society is where as a collective, the purchase and sale of goods and services is the primary activity or function to fulfil a need or create an image; this is supported by ‘contemporary consumer society is clearly shaped by people’s relations to material things’ (Hethrington, 2008, p6) This is saying that people within society have connections to the goods and services they consume.

Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption states ‘they wanted the things they bought to make a positive impression and to demonstrate to others...