Outline Difference and Inequality on a Street That You Kmow

Kristina Williams 11th November 2014
TMA02 Part 1 750 words
Drawing on what you have learned outline difference and inequality on a street that you know
Difference is due to the fact that people have physical disabilities like Stephen Speakman in (Precarious Lives) who has a physical disability and that is why he has to use a wheelchair
Inequality means having a good social being for example John Arthur who lives on the street due to the fact that different things have happened to him i.e. him being in jail (Challenges and changes on the street).
In this TMA I am going to write about a place that I know very well and that place is called Breck Road situated in my home town of Liverpool and there are inequalities and differences on this road as with any road that people know, I am going to write about a few differences and inequalities on this particular road.
1st Difference that I am going to talk about on breck road is that there are a lot of different people that live there and also that have moved onto breck road to make a better life for themselves and their families. One main part of breck road is a place called georgsons garage and it has been made and remade over time in not just being a garage but turning itself into a forecourt were they sell new and used cars and commercial vehicles and also older members of the family business retiring and bringing in the newer younger members of the family into the family business and that’s how it has been made and remade just like Mark Hocking of city road who has made and remade his mechanics business and made it in a place where he makes and sells bespoke furniture for bigger businesses Connecting Lives (open university 2014). Another difference on breck road that I am going to talk about is a place called the taxi club and that place was formerly known as the Royal Public House, it is for the taxi drivers that have worked hard all week and just want to chill out with a glass of something cold and a...