Outcome Based Practice

Toolkit For Activity 3a | HSC | Number | 3a |
Task type: | Reflective Account/Personal Statement | Level: | 5 | Pathway: | | Task reference: | |
Task name: | Unit 13Unit 17 |
Tool kit Contents:
  1) Definition of a Reflective Account and tips to help completion   2) Activity Brief   3) Activity referencing (office use)   4) Useful links from the Internet   5) Useful referencing from QCS Management System   6) Evidence sheets for your answers   7) Activity Guide   8) Referencing tips |

Definition of Reflective Account/Personal Statement:
To complete this activity you will need to do a reflective account in combination with a personal statement.
A personal statement is a statement of your knowledge.   You should use this to demonstrate you understanding of the legislation and regulations.
A reflective account is thinking about and deliberating over something in your head and coming up with the best and most appropriate answer.   We use reflection every day when deciding if we could improve all or any aspects or our lives.
For this activity you should use the reflective account element to introduce examples from your practice which are related to the assessment criteria for these units.   The practice should be something you have already done, so the activity should be set in the past.   You should refer to yourself in the first person and should not personally name any individuals.
Your personal statement and reflective account should be holistic.   The activity should cover all knowledge assessment criteria for units 13 and 17.   Some competency should also be covered by the reflective element.Frequently Asked Questions:   1) Do I need to use a model of reflection?This is not essential, but is good practice at this level.
  2) How long ago in the past can I refer back to?To be current and valid you should refer to anything that you have done or has happened in the last six months.   3) Why am I being asked to cover 4 units at once?Because they all...