Critically Analyse the Move Towards Outcome Based Services

Unit 3 – Lead practice that supports positive outcomes for child and young person’s development.
3.1.3 Critically analyse the move towards outcome-based services for children and young people. The move towards outcome-based services has both positive and negative aspects about them. Services such as Flying Start and Sure Start provide children and their carers’ with valuable experiences which would not always be provided otherwise. These types of services are set up within deprived areas and provide free part time childcare and parenting classes to people who live within this area. The schemes are only available to children who live within certain postal codes and who are between the ages of two and three, however not all children and parents living within these postcodes are in need of the service and there are even some children and carers who live outside these areas who would benefit greatly from their help. The positive aspects of these services are that they do provide carers with some respite or time each day to do things they would otherwise be unable to do or maybe look for part time work, they also provide parenting classes and mother and toddler groups to carers who struggle bringing up their children and could be feeling isolated from other people in the same situations as themselves. Outcome-based services also provide the children with individual care and they work together with other outside agencies to provide the children with extra support wherever needed, promoting early intervention of any additional learning needs before the children go to mainstream school.

3.2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies to encourage child or young person and carers’ participation in developmental assessment Within my setting we have a number of strategies which we use to assess the children developmentally, we usually observe the children whilst they are engrossed in an activity or create a ‘game’ to promote a skill which we can then observe them doing,...