Our Reality Is Shaped by Our Desire to Belong

Our reality is shaped by our desire to belong

Our reality is definitely shaped by our desire to belong. In other words we rely on the groups that we associate with to make us truly understand of our own identity as a person. To see why that is the case we need to look at the definition of “belong” and “identity” In this case “to belong” means to be a part of a group or a tribe, whilst “identity” are qualities of a person that makes them different from others. On the other hand, we don’t always find that our identity is shaped by our desire to belong. It could be that a person’s own individual actions that determines their own identity.
Everyone in the world possesses different characteristics which separates and makes them different from others. It could be that they have been given a unique “nickname” or that they belong to a group which eventually becomes a part of their identity. This statement is clearly evident when we look at people with their particular occupation label. People who have achieved success and shown their desire to belong to a certain group will have jobs in which they will be given a title. Finishing a degree to become a doctor or a professor is an example of how one’s identity and reality is shaped by their desire to belong to that particular group. In this case they will be given the title “Doctor” and “Professor” which consequently shapes up to be their new identity. This idea can also be linked to teenagers in today’s world. Teenagers these days are generally very conscious of how they are viewed in public and this is where peer pressure shines. One of the many reasons why there has been an increase in premature consumption of alcohol and drugs is because of peer pressure. The fact that teenagers want to belong to groups will lead to the start of peer pressure and the things your friends pressure you to do will definitely change one’s identity and reality in the future.  
On the other hand our reality isn’t always shaped by our...