Desiring the Prairies (an Antholoogy of Women Prairie Poets

desiring the prairies

(An Anthology of women prairie poets)

Table of Contents

Poems 6

  Mythinterpretations 6
    Seventh Day-Crozier 6
    Gender Relations-Catherine Hunter 6
    If I were You- P.K. Page 6
    The Elect- Anne Szumigalski 6
    Eve- Dorothy Livesay 6
    Blood Mother-Su Croll 6
    The Walls Are Too High-Deborah Schnitzer 6
    Alienation-Dorothy Livesay 6
  EnKroetsching on the Property Lines 6
    Sexing the Prairies-Alison Calder 6
    Prairis/cite Maintenance-Adeena Karasick 6
    South-West, or Altadore- Erin Mouré 6
    Aprons-Leona Gom 6
    Staying Awake-Karen Solie 6
    Male Thrust-Lorna Crozier 6
    Transplant-Elizabeth Allen 6
    Calgary, This Growing Graveyard- Aritha van Herk 6
    Squaw Poems- Marilyn Dumont 6
    Waiting-Leona Gom 6
    Rising, Batoche-Kim Morrissey 6
    Unmixed Good-Su Croll 6
    Meadowing-Barbara Klar 6
    Tongue Graft   Variations-Sylvia Legris 6

mythinterpretations 7

enKROETSCHing   on my territory 9

(de)Construction Season 13

Works Cited 20

      This anthology contains a selection of female poets whom I would consider “prairie poets”.   How does one become a prairie poet? Is it because a poet lives on the prairies?   Maybe because she was raised on the prairies and spent her formative years surrounded by all that would define her adulthood? Mandel suggested that his image for a prairie writer was not, necessarily the one who stayed in the west, but the one who returned, moved or pointed in that direction.   Perhaps these criteria are the standard, but I think that Erin Mouré says it best:

“It is very specifically saying that the west won't go away just because you move. Some images stay as a pride and way of seeing. In the east people think if you're from the west you are a certain kind of person and if you stay east long enough it'll go away and you'll be all right. "West" says the place you come from...