Other Men Opinion of Ikemefuna Death

And the morning of today has arrives. The day that I have to kill an innocent boy, maybe it because I just had a son which make I tremble and afraid of this day. However, as a warrior of Umoufia, I have prepared my machete since last night.   Then, I go to Okonkwo’s home to fetch the kid. And I was surprise that Okonkwo is also going to join the trip as well. I thought to myseld that he is such a strong hearted person, to join his son’s death. As we started out, more people began to join the procession. It seems that everyone is good at performing; the kid doesn’t notice anything at all. Everyone is laughing and enjoy talking about their wives and the locusts. But when the sky begins to darken, everyone started to stop talking.   I began to tremble once again. It is approaching to the time, the time to kill that child, whom seems happily walking in front of me. I wonder what’s the child was thinking in his mind. Suddenly, my friend give me the signal, he start whispering telling people to walk faster, leave me with the child and Okonkwo. At this moment, I know that I have only a few minutes to kill him otherwise the child might notice. However, I still keep walking for a while as my heart was starting to tumble even harder.   Looks like the kid start to notice, when he looked back, I quickly growled at him back. As, Okonkwo start to leave, I assume that would be the second signal, I drew out the machete, close both or my eyes and drew it on the boy. Next, I heard the pot broke and the boy cry. Then, He runs toward Okonkwo, saying “My father, they have killed me!” Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down within a second. Okonkwo watch his son die, and then he looked back at me with his face expression, I knew from my sense of perception that he is terrifying.   Afterward, the men start to come back and shouting and yelling with joy after they saw the corpse of the child.