Death Penalty

The Death Penalty
Lora D. Purcell
PHI 103
Dr. Kenneth Mentor
August 15, 2012

    For decades the death penalty has been a heated discussion. It touches many lives and brings different emotions with it. Death is unavoidable, it is natural and it happens. Many people feel that that alone is enough. Being put to death, on the other hand, some feel it is murder. Then sentencing someone life in prison and them waiting to die in a cell is enough. It is difficult to call.
    The death penalty is a final say, a final decision for someone who has committed an unforgivable choice. When someone chooses to take someone else’s life, that choice they made ended their choice of living. When someone chooses to hurt a child, the choice of living, again, has ended. Some people feel if a person takes another life, in any way, should end in death. If a child or teen has been molested or murdered, again, they deserve death. If another human being dies at the hands of someone else, they deserve death. This is the frame of mind of many in this world. It can be agreed or disagreed. There are many aspects in which this decision is to be made. It is not done lightly. A lot of thought, soul-searching and evidence must align with the decision.
    There are concerns about how much it costs to put someone to death and also how much it costs to imprison for life. Then there is the fact that innocent people have been put to death and proved their innocence after they already are gone.
    Families mourn their loved ones they have lost by a person who made the wrong choice. When someone is murdered it affects everyone, the family, the friends, the community and sometimes the world. The family has so many emotions to learn to handle. The accused has family and they must learn to deal with their own set of emotions as well. It is not one sided, there is a complete circle that is affected by the death. Whether it is a murder by someone or a prisoner being put to...