Origin of Agricluture

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Origin of Agriculture
Agriculture, which is the practice of rearing animals and planting crops, has been in existence for several decades now. However, before its inception, people of the ancient world used to survive by hunting wild animals and gathering wild herbs plus fruits. But today things have changed and agriculture significantly benefits the present humanity as compared to their counterparts in the old generation. According to a YouTube lecture on animals, food, and antique civilization, there are numerous factors that led to the origin of farming, especially in Africa and the Middle East. In this light, this paper shall explicate why and how agriculture began in the above-mentioned regions and its long term implication.
Carey (1) explains that the residents of Africa and the Middle East about 12,000 years ago were forced to contemplate practicing farming because of the localized climate change. The environments in the Middle East and North Africa region became drier during this time and the communities coalesced around oases together with animals that were also in need of water. These animals together with plants that were growing around the oases became domesticated.   The increasing sedentary population in these regions is another cause of the commencement of agriculture. According to Mithen (710-711), the people of the North Africa and the Middle East had expanded beyond what could be sustained by food obtained through gathering and hunting. Therefore, most communities resorted to domesticating animals and planting crops to alleviate the food crisis.
Moreover, Mithen in his article suggests that people begun the practice of farming because some areas could favor the growth of most plants and rearing of several animals as compared to other regions. According to Del Giudice (1), this factor motivated natives to start farming in such areas while deserting the drier and unproductive land. Further, a...