Organizational Structruce

Organizational Structure

Cynthia L. Mills

XMGT/230-Management Theory and Practice

December 14, 2014
Laurie Alexander

Organizational Structure

    My selected organization is the company that I am currently working at.   Our name is Maryland Bookkeeping and Tax Service, Inc. (MBTS).   It is owned and operated by one female and she has been in business by herself for 27 years at the same location, doing the same type of business and with the same rather small to mediocre clientele.   When I came to work for her approximately seven years ago there were four employees, two years later we were down to three and a year later I had decided to leave for another job and also things were not going so well with the atmosphere between the owner and the other accountant.   After approximately two years I did return to find just the owner alone, and was asked if I would like to come back to work and since that time it has been just her and I and one part time employee at tax time completing all the work.

    The structure of our company is pretty simple the owner is the CEO, she does all the financials for the company, if there is any marketing to be done she is the one, if a decision is to be made to hire someone over tax season for office help she is the one.   She also takes care of doing the corporate returns and any in depth financial planning for the clients.   I take care of the cleaning, ordering office supplies, bookkeeping of month and quarterly end work. We are a team that works together to make sure things are done, and client’s needs are accomplished.

    If I were to compare us with other tax offices there would have to be two others, H&R Block, and Jackson Hewitt.   Both of these offices are much larger and have a much larger client base than we have and are structured a lot differently.   I worked for H&R Block for two years, and this office was not very professional, but I did learn a lot.   Locally in their offices they have a President,...