Oral Script for Sugary Beverages Tax

Someone once said to me that there are two certainties in life, each as bad as the other:   taxes and death. In my youth, I already see the big problem of tax. Today, the issue of whether a tax should be added on to sugary soft drinks and beverages has surfaced and has been the focus of Australian media. This was triggered by some medical and health parties who want to try and stem the rising tide of obesity levels in Australia especially in the younger generations. And they have pushed for the tax now, just after America and France have successfully have done the same thing, so the politicians are pressured to keep up with the trends. So, the question is: should there be a tax on sweetened beverages?
My firm belief is that such a notion would be utterly absurd. Taxing sugary beverages in my humble opinion, would do little or nothing at all to I believe curb the obesity problems facing society except for depriving less fortunate peoples of some satisfaction and nutrition they currently derive from these sources. If they want to tax anything, I believe that the fast food chains and junk food companies should be taxed, as well as raising awareness and running more physical education in schools. Essentially, they are taking away the liberty of buying sweetened drinks from the poor.
One point argued in the article “Hard line on soft drinks ‘will help families’”   suggests that putting a tax on sugary drinks, will encourage people to go for healthier foods and drinks because they will probably end up the same price, in the long run. Could this, in fact, be so?   Have the medical fraternity even stopped to consider the monetary situations of the majority of the people, who consume these beverages? Do they not for the greater part come from the poorer sectors of society? For sure, raising prices of sugary beverages to encourage people to opt for healthier options is a good idea, but is it a practical one for the already...