Oracle Rdms 12c Data Base

Jonathan Napier
October 7, 2014
CIS 270-01
Research Paper 1

Oracle’s RDMS 12c Database Software Package in Relation to Business
In the process of choosing methods to manage and store data, today’s businesses are rapidly moving toward cloud storage technologies. In the process of making these decisions, organizations and businesses are ever seeking new methods that will improve their overall operational effectiveness and efficiency. Oracle’s Database 12c, is a cloud storage based, database that has been designed to meet these organizational goals of effectiveness and efficiency. Oracle Database 12c is a next-generation database that provides a new multitenant architecture on top of a fast, scalable, reliable, and secure database platform. By connecting to the cloud with Oracle’s Database 12c, business customers can improve the performance and the quality of their applications. Customers can also save time with maximum availability architecture and storage management while also simplifying database consolidation with the capability to manage hundreds of databases as one.
Oracle’s RDMS 12c Database software package is now available in several editions that are designed to fit varying sizes of organizations. These varying editions carry options and functions that are applicable for specific business and IT requirements. These editions (from most basic to most advanced) are:
•Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition One (SE1)
• Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition (SE)
•Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition (EE)

 Oracle’s RDMS 12c Database software package, Oracle introduces a new architecture featuring Oracle Multitenant. Oracle Multitenant simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud. In turn, Oracle Multitenant delivers all the benefits of managing many databases as one, yet Oracle Multitenant maintains the data isolation and resource prioritization of separate databases.
All editions of Oracle Database 12c are built using the same...