Options for Implementing Leadership Change

Options for Implementing a Leadership Change
The thought of change often brings up ideas and situations of chaos.   Normally, the natural reaction to change is resistance.   When such upheaval occurs within an organization, fear and uncertainty about job security and positions, is often the result.   With the loss of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Don Ruiz, a massive re-structuring of the Gene One organization must take place. The purpose of this paper will be to examine the remaining executive team members to find the best candidate to implement a leadership change.   After discussing a leadership selection, a strategy highlighting the leadership structure, styles and end vision will be examined.
Seeing a massive amount of growth, the mission of the late CEO Don Ruiz was to make Gene One a publicly traded company.   For the senior management team, the plan of how to make the company a public entity has caused many problems to arise. Even more, concerns over whether or not the organization is even prepared to complete the task have been brought up.   For the end goal of a 40% profit increase by the end of three years, a rapid plan, starting with a change in the leadership structure must be implemented.   Currently, the Ruiz family, the senior management team and board members are now meeting to finalize the steps needed to continue with the initial public offering (IPO).  
  The first task is to find a new chief executive officer that could manage the change resulting from recent upheaval.   Exploring the remaining executive team members, the choice to select from within the company was approved.   According to Yukl (2006), leading change is one of the most important and difficult leadership responsibilities.   To be effective, the chosen executive must be able to guide the transition of Gene One through the process of becoming a public success. Prior to his sudden passing, Don Ruiz realized that the executive team had no experience in IPOs; this needed to be...