Ops/Gm 571

Week Five - OPS/GM 571

Bottlenecks in a Process
Week Four
Theresa Valentine Smith
University of Phoenix
OPS/GM 571
Instructor: Mark Fairbanks
March 14, 2011
Assignment Four

  * Introduction
  * Choosing a country to supply a company’s products can be tricky.   The key is to know various factors will affect success, what are the alternatives, local culture and climate of the chosen country.   In other words, do your homework.
  * Although the rolling transmitter product was suggested to be sought from one of the following three (3) countries, Germany - Japan – Pakistan, Company C feels the best market to purchase this product is in Shenzhen, China.   There are many manufacturers to choose from in Shenzhen and Company C can coordinate shipping with other relevant products.   In light of the current labor strike in China, it is the company’s goal temporarily to outsource to a company in Japan.   Japan is a stable alternative and offers much of the same benefits as Chinese companies.   Once the strike comes to a conclusion, we remain confident in our decisions to return operations to China.
  * To remain competitive in the global market, more companies are restructuring their supply chains and moving their manufacturing operations to China.   This decision to manufacture in China does not however come without careful consideration.   Conventional thought suggests manufacturing in China because of lower costs and improved quality.   However, there are other factors to evaluate and consider as preparation for alternative solutions.   Factors such as product cycle time, speed to market, and proximity to suppliers are often more important than simply low cost.   Innovative, leading-edge products require unique supply chain requirements.  
  * Beyond costs, the...