Process Design for the Manufacturing of Riordan Electric Fans

Process Design for the Manufacturing of Riordan electric fans
Gordon Bocock
Operations Management OPS/GM 571
May 25, 2011
Mr. Michael Taousakis

This paper includes an analysis of the material requirement planning, existing process design, application of supply-chain concepts including any available global opportunities. Additionally, the following will be included production forecast and as well as an implementation plan for lean production. The profit at Riordan and improve customer satisfaction with timely delivery of orders with appropriate inventory management system.
The MRP for the manufacturing of the Riordan fans
Riordan Manufacturing receives a yearly estimate of orders with customer-defined specifications.   When implemented, the new Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Systems will determine how much and when to manufacture the specific electric fans required satisfying or exceeding the customers’ expectations.   The system calculates the time needed to receive the materials used to produce the fans, the time needed to manufacture them, the required date the fans are needed, and will ensure that this deadline will be met without problems or delays.
Analysis of factors and Risks at Hangzhou, China Facility
Receiving Process: The process of getting inventory into the system is delayed by the end of the day creating a risk of inventory being misplaced, stolen, misused or, entered incorrectly. There needs to be a separation of duties; the supervisor cannot verify the receipt after the receiving clerk has counted physically and entered the data into the company system.   Inventory Management establishes control standards with procedures to ensure that assets are protected and properly used. All employees are responsible for maintaining compliance of control activities. Order Fulfillment, the current ordering system lacks an authorization and reconciliation process. The company risks cost of replacing products that were said to be...