Ops 571 Final Exam (Newest) - Assignment

OPS 571 Final Exam (Newest) – Assignment

1. A major competitive dimension that forms a company's strategic operational competitive position in their strategic planning is which of the following?
• Cost or price
• Focus
• Straddling
• Automation

2. In setting up a kanban control system you need to determine the number of kanban card sets needed. If the expected demand during lead time is 25 per hour, the safety stock is 20 percent of the demand during lead time, the container size is 5, and the lead time to replenish an order is 5 hours, what the number of kanban card sets is needed?
• 27
• 20
• 5
• 30

3. Which of the following is a multifactor measure of productivity?
• Output/(Labor + Capital + Energy)
• Output/All resources used
• Output/(Materials)
• Output/Inputs

4. Which of the following is an alternative possible service encounter included in the service-system design matrix?
• Internet
• Automated teller (ATM)
• Face-to-face distance
• Questionnaire response

5. In development of an operations and supply chain strategy, which of the following may be an important product-specific criteria to consider?
• Learning curve
• Supplier after-sale support
• Production lot size
• Focus
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6. Which of the following is one of Dr. Eli Goldratt's rules of production scheduling for optimized production technology?
• An hour lost at a bottleneck saves an hour for the entire system
• Do not allow bottlenecks to govern the flow of the line
• Utilization and activation of a resource are not the same
• Balance the capacities, not the flows

7. You have just been assigned to oversee a series of projects. Functional areas will loan you personnel for each project, and separate project managers will be responsible for separate projects. These project managers will report to you. Which project management structure is being used?
• Matrix project
• Pure project