Pol 110 Quizzes and Final Exam Answers

POL 110 Quizzes and Final Exam Answers
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POL 110 Quizzes and Final Exam Answers

Question 1
Under the current standard, the Supreme Court insists that obscenity convictions be based on contemporary __________ standards.
Question 2
In general, you may make false and defamatory statements about public officials so long as you lack
Question 3
The text suggests that “an overwhelming majority” of American support freedom of speech
Question 4
Which of the following statements concerning 1947
is incorrect?
Question 5
The historical source for the metaphor of a “wall of separation” between religion and the state is
Question 6
The rights protected by the Constitution cannot be infringed on by
Question 7
In the Mapp v. Ohio decision, the Supreme Court ruled that
Question 8
In a 1947 decision, the Supreme Court allowed a New Jersey town to fund busing to a parochial school because
Question 9
Miranda has been extended to mean that one has a right to a lawyer
Question 10
which One reason the Nazi Party was allowed to parade through Skokie, Illinois, is that
Question 11
For a law to violate the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, it must
Question 12
In general, the Supreme Court has allowed race to be taken into account in the area of jobs if
Question 13
If there has been a history of discrimination, the Court has allowed requirements that contractors set aside _____ percent of their contract funds to purchase services from minority-owned businesses.
Question 14
In the Virginia Military Institute case, the Court concluded that gender discriminations must be supported by
Question 15
The quid pro quo rule for sexual harassment holds an employer strictly liable if
Question 16
The Hyde Amendment prohibits...