Opm Assignment

Student Name: Ahmed Shaker
Student Number: 9085218
Assessment reference: OpM/9085218/Jul13/1

Assignment 1 – Operations Management:

During the coming lines I will examine the similarities and differences in the challenges facing both of Dr Erfan & Bagedo Hospital at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (EBH) as a customer processing operation firm and Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia as an information processing operation

EBH is a private hospital based in Jeddah and offing patients care in all specialties while Riyadh Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with a strong corporate and retail banking franchise.

To introduce to this examination I will examine the inputs of both services in order to determine what is similar and differences between them applying the model of the “input-transformation-output” model.

All processes have inputs of transforming and transformed resources that they use to create products and services. The general transformation process model that is used to describe the nature of processes. But simply, processes take in a set of input resources, some of which are transformed into outputs of products and/or services and some of which do the transforming. (Slack, 2012)

Starting with Erfan Hospital we will find the main inputs will be patients, locations, medications …etc. that will be transformed resources within the process. While in transforming part of Hospital’s input within the process will be the physicians, medical equipment’s, computer systems … etc.

On other hand in Banks the input resources will be assets, deposits, customers savings as well as customers themselves that will be transformed in the process by accountants, computer systems …etc. that represent the transforming resources in the process.

The production process in banking involves the use of deposits and other assets. It is therefore a stock concept,...