Comprehensive Report-Discussion Assignment

As I was reading through the discussion posts by my classmates, I came to many conclusions. Many points & philosophies that I didn’t realize were brought to my attention. There were many great ideas, and thoughts. At the same time some didn’t make sense, and didn’t really answer the asked question.

My favorite post was Rachel’s. She answered the thought questions and had many great opinions and points. Her post shows that she took her time and answered the questions thoughtfully because it makes good sense and states her point well. Even though I really liked her post, I didn’t agree with all of the points that she had made. She stated that “Guys who are abused might just be more shy, so I think they should be treated with the same respect that women are, they can be just as sensitive.” I believe that women are much more sensitive then men are. Also people whom that were abused in the past, tend to be abusive, not shy.

After reading all of the posts, many various bright opinions were brought up. Some students said that the aggression in the sports is caused by a referee calling a false play, while others said that it may have been caused by an unsportsmanlike conduct from both teams. Also one mentioned that it could have been caused because we see other people less as real people. When we don’t see them as real people we are more likely to copy their behavior and think it is ok.

I personally think that they’re all great thoughts. A referee calling a false play would definitely cause some aggression; the crowd would get up and make lots of noise. Also whenever an unsportsmanlike conduct behavior happens or occurred, not only the crowd would be aggressive, but also the coaches and the players would be aggressive.

The road rage is another big problem in my opinion. Some students mentioned that they weren’t affected by it yet, and some said that it doesn’t really matter! I disagree with that(that it doesn’t matter). That is because the road rage causes...