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Opinion Column on Columbine Massacre

Remember what happened on April 20th, 1999, in Denver? Fifteen families will never forget that on that date Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine Highschool and shot to death 12 fellow students and a teacher. Then they killed themselves. Last month, it was the 12th anniversary of what has been sadly called the Columbine Massacre. But what everyone still wonders is what made two teenagers start a shooting spree, planting bombs, and then chillingly commit suicide?
As a teenager, I think that the Columbine Massacre took place because of a combination of very serious issues that I’m going to discuss. First of all, how did Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold get hold of machine guns, shotguns, and pipe bombs in Littleton, Colorado, USA? What about their families, were they aware of their plans? Did Eric and Dylan have friends? And their teachers and school authorities, had they ever imagined that there could be violence in their school? What measures had been taken?
To start with, in USA practically anyone can have a gun, and even K-Mart sells bullets to anyone. Some banks even give a free gun when a client opens an account. This very lax gun control legislation is justified by its supporters because it is said that people in USA need guns for protection at home or in the streets. Even women have guns, and some keep a gun under their pillow. Being the owner of a gun in this country isn’t unusual, even people with normal jobs carry guns and nobody would think you are a criminal because you have a couple of rifles at home. Until stricter gun control laws are passed, there will be no way in which to control who buys any kind of weapon.
However, the majority of gun owners do not go on shooting sprees, so it is clear that these students had serious psychological problems. Harris was seeing a psychologist and he was using an anti-depressant called Zoloft, prescribed by these professional. It should be pointed out that this...