Operations and Materials Management

Operations and Materials Management
Princess Nelson
January 16, 2011
BUS 210
Frank Caccamo

Operations and Materials Management is what we are discussing in this paper. Operations or operating systems are the value creation activities that convert a company’s inputs into finished good and products. Material management is the set of activities that control the flow of resources into and out of the operating systems. We will discuss three different types of companies and observe how employee do their jobs, the kinds of Operations and Material management cost companies have, and how do companies design their operating system to set a tone or an advantage over the other companies.
The three companies I have chosen were all international companies called Office Max, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wet Seal. Office Max is a retail of goods such as copiers, printers, computers, office furniture, and mostly everything a people would need to operate an office. Bed Bath and Beyond is a linens store that supply linens, appliances and things to decorate a person’s house with. The third and final company is Wet Seal this a fashion clothing and accessories retail store All three of these companies have a different way that they operate during the input, output, and operations stages.
Office Max has local businesses worldwide that monitor their own input and output. They work closely with the main manufacturing offices for their products. They are different because they make their own products that they sell. There is no middle man or other company that needs to be watched because we manage our own furniture, copiers, and other electronics. That helps tremendously when they need supplies for employees because they use their own created calculators, furniture, and other things to save on costs.
Bed Bath and Beyond has a materials management department of its own in the corporate office. That department takes care of both the input and output. In terms of the input, the employees...