Rihana Femik
Intro to Literature
Prof. Loftis
December 13th, 2010
Assignment- My experience at the opera

I attended the opera play called Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan. This is a new production.   The play was interesting because it had love and betrayal.   The story was about a gypsy who had two love interests. She eventually broke the hearth of one to be with the other. It was an intense and entertaining piece of work. This was my first visit to the opera and it was a wonderful experience.
I liked the entire atmosphere and set up. I thought the opera was going to be boring but to my surprise I was entertain to the very end. One of the ushers told me and my classmates that weeknight there are approximately over four thousand people attending a play and weekends approximately eight thousand visitors at the Metropolitan Opera House. For that brief moment we spoke with the usher she informed us about the Opera House. She mentioned that it was a nonprofit organization and is funded by donations and tickets sales. The opera house also has some expensive art work on display in the lobby and corridors. We were encouraged to attend other shows. In the summer they are other shows like ballet.
While on my way to the show I was not optimistic about the whole idea of going to the opera. I must admit I had a close mind. But surprisingly the show was great. I am glad to be exposed to such great art and drama. The singing was spectacular. The entire story was an attention grabbing. I was so into the play that I did not want it to end.   Those performers were brilliant at their job. The chemistry between the actors make the play feel real.
There is certainly a lot of interesting performance and art out ther