Conservation of Chinese Opera

My group chose to conserve live Chinese opera in Singapore based on the strategies and the lesson learnt from conservation of Borobudur.
One of the strategies is to enrol students to take part in Chinese opera performance. This will be done by initiating Chinese Opera CCA in school. However, the limitation of this strategy is that students may be unwilling to join the CCA offered by the school as some of them may find it uninteresting. Therefore I propose to hold an audition for Primary 5 pupils. The reason for choosing this age group is because they have no major examinations to prepare for and are old enough to understand the significance of the art.   This method of recruitment will help us maximize the intake of young performers as we will make the audition compulsory.
The strongest strategy of this project concerns modifying the script for Chinese opera. The modification will include the use of English and the choice of using political satires as our theme. This strategy is to modify the performances itself to suit modern audience which will result in increasing the popularity of the Chinese Opera performance itself. The use of English in our performance will target people who understand English and who are willing to know more about Chinese Opera but cannot speak Mandarin or the dialects. Thus, we increase awareness of Chinese Opera among different groups of people. The use of political satires in the performance is based on our survey. More than half of our correspondents chose political satire as the theme.   Thus, we will use political satire as our theme in the performance as we can attract more people to watch our performance.
Modification of the Chinese Opera performance through the use of political satire as our theme and the use of English in our performance will be an effective way to increase awareness for a short term. However, they will lose their effectiveness for a long period time. As we will carry out the performance yearly, we will...