Online Bus Ticket Reservation System

Online Bus Ticket Reservation System
AMA ParaƱaque
Submitted By:
Alvasan, Darwin
Carlos, Michael Angelo
Escamillas, Archie
Rodriguez, Allan
Sangil, Jon Daryll

Submitted To:
Mr. William Aldea III

Module 1

  I. Executive summary
Nowadays, the people usually come to bus terminals to book bus tickets. In this manner, it is harder to travel because of being unsure if there are available slots or vacancies, and then as a result it will be a great hassle to the travellers.
The JAM Liner Company is still using the traditional way of bus ticketing, which leave the bus travellers no choice. So, the proponents decided to design an online bus ticket reservation system to lessen the hassle of travellers from lining up in a long queue, especially on peak seasons. It is easy for the passengers to do bus ticket reservation through online from their home anytime. In this system, they can check the buses based on their search. Just like the old system, the travellers can also check bus availability, ticket fare, and route at the time of ticket booking itself.
This study provides deeper and much specific information about the Online Bus Ticket Reservation, which is to be used to help the JAM Liner Company. The website supports an online payment through MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. To prevent the account from being hacked by the unknown users, the system provides a registration for security authentication. The administrator has full access in the system, which provides adding, deleting and updating of ticket reservations.   The system is also designed to have a user friendly environment which makes it easier in managing the system.

  II. Introduction
The proponents decided to design a system that will help the JAM Liner Company to have an online bus ticket reservation system. Online Bus Ticket Reservation System is the fastest and safest way to deal with, where it lessens the hassle of lining up in a long queue in a broad daylight. This...