Computer Laboratory Security System


Computer laboratory Security System is a wonderful management solution for Computer Laboratory includes all the necessary tools to keep your business organized and functioning properly. The application features a nice and very intuitive user interface which can be operated by anyone since it doesn't require any special knowledge.
This system can be applied to different computer laboratory and computer cafes.
It allows you to monitor all the computers in your business providing visual information about the user, time, notes and history. Login in is by using the RFID on the computer and you can easily connect to the main page of the computer. This will allow you to have everything under control all the time, and also monitor the students what are they doing. Every time every students will log in it will register all the application the student uses and time. Is itwill register all the transaction in the history log in the server, if the professor want to see all the history he/ she can request it in the IT admin and print it. The application can disables certain activities like online games or Internet access, set strict security settings, restrictions and configure warning messages to be sent to the users automatically. It also includes a built-in chat that enables you to communicate with all your computers.
This system can be applied to different computer laboratory and computer cafes.

IETI History
In July 1974, the International Electronics and Technical Institute, Inc. was born. It was formally incorporated and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It established its first school on the second floor of the Galvez Building at Taft Avenue Extension in Pasay City and started operations in school year 1974-75 offering one and two- year course in electronics.

In 1975, the Institute opened schools in Cubao and Makati. The Makati School, located on the mezzanine floor of the Guadalupe...