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Team Personality Traits
Team D
University of Phoenix
Psychology of Personality
Fatima Estrada
December 18, 2011

Team Personality Traits

      For psychologists, knowing the difference between people’s personalities is very important to understand.   However, there are so many people in the world so how can psychologists evaluate them?   One way psychologists get their information is to analyze different people through the process of an assessment test.   Assessment tests are used to gather information on people through a series of questions.   Theses questions are formed by the psychologist and are geared towards a patient’s way of thinking.   These tests can be very helpful; however, it is only accurate if the person taking the test is truthful.

Team Member’s Results
      The assessment test that team member Aaron Messick took was an assessment test that many psychologists use.   It was taken on the internet through a website,   The assessment test measures five fundamental dimensions of personality: openness to experience/intellect, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.   The results are measured by how the person taking the test responds to a series of questions and provides a percentage rate of how much the person relates to other people who have taken the test.   It also rates the five different fundamental dimensions to their opposites.   For example; open to new experiences is compared to closed minded; conscientious is compared to disorganized; extraverted is compared to introverted; agreeable is compared to disagreeable; and nervous/high-strung is compared to calm/relaxed, see graph below.

      |[pic] Aaron’s Results       |                            |
|Closed-Minded               |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]   |Open to New Experiences               |
|Disorganized                 |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]   |Conscientious                         |