“What Are the Challenges That Face a Psychotherapist Working with Self-Harm or Eating Disorders?”

“What are the challenges that face a psychotherapist working with Self-Harm or Eating disorders?”

Word count; 3046

Introduction –
In this piece of work, I intend to include a description and definition of self-harm.   As I believe that the term self-harm is deceptively simple I also intend on describing some of the aspects of self-harm with regards to the definition that I will be working from.   Please note that the definition I will be using is from the NICE and may differ to other definitions currently in use.   It is a reflection on the complexity of the issue that there are a number of differing definitions.
I will then talk about some common causes as recorded on a national scale within the UK and then go on to talk about the difficulties associated with such statistics and their use.   Due to word limit constraints I have decided to concentrate on one particular theory of self-harm, only briefly commenting on some other examples.   These are theories of the causes, reasons and therefore treatments of self-harming.
I will then go on to talk about the challenges faced by psychotherapists working with self-harm, with regards to the theory I described beforehand.   The piece will then go on to describe the cultural aspects of self-harm as a potential cause and therefore treatment and also as an over-riding amelioration of self-harm.   As per the special instructions I will then go on to talk briefly about the association between this borderline personality disorder and Jung’s shadow persona.   I will then make a conclusion based on the information contained in the above sections.

According to NICE, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, the definition of self-harm is;
“Intentional self-poisoning or injury irrespective of the apparent purpose of the act”
This definition includes poisoning, asphyxiation, cutting, burning and other self-inflicted injuries.   Usually self-harm is the term used to describe the deliberate harming of ones-self, with the...