One Flew over Th Cuckoo's Nest

Experience in Deviance Paper
The act of going against prevailing social norms is often times uncomfortable, humorous, or just plain bizarre. Depending on our personalities and experiences, the social context, and “who is watching”, committing a deviant act can be either as easy as drinking with your friends or as hard as standing up for what you believe in. For this paper, I would like for you to perform a deviant act. You will have to use your discretion on what you would like to perform. It could be as simple as walking backward from class to class, wearing clothing inappropriate for the weather, or combing your hair in an ‘unusual’ way. WARNING! DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL, AGAINST COLLEGE POLICIES, OR MIGHT OTHERWISE DO PSYCHOLOGICAL AND/OR PHYSICAL HARM TO YOURSELF AND/OR OTHERS. This is for fun, not for shock value. Be adult, this isn’t an episode of “Jackass.” In your 4 to 6 page reaction paper, I want you to address the following issues: 1) Describe the act of deviance. What makes it deviant? Has this act always been seen as deviant across time and does it vary by place? How does this particular act relate to other social norms and other acts of deviance? Why did you pick it? 2) Describe the physical and social context of the act in some detail. 3) What were the reactions of others to your act? What do you think others thought of what you were doing? Did anyone say anything to you? 4) How did it make you feel? What went through your mind when you performed this act? 5) Does the fact that this act is seen as deviant make sense? Why do we see this particular act as deviant? Are there other ways of looking at what you did that could actually make this act seem perfectly sound?