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This is a fake essay to let it make me an account. "Also in the Republic, is Plato's story of the Allegory of the Cave. In it, men are chained facing a wall in a cave. Behind them is the sun. The sun represents the truth, or enlightenment. Since the men are facing the wall and cannot see the sun, they see only shadows, shadows of the truth, which is then subject to their own perception. But the sun and the ultimate truth is not effected by their perception. The truth is ultimate and unmoving. Socrates then supposes that if a man is set free of his chains and sees the sun that he will be unable to see reality, as he believes the shadows to be reality. Gradually he will move from seeing just shadows to seeing men and the material objects around him and finally he will know the truth itself. Now, Socrates goes on, imagine if that man were to be put back into his chains; He would no longer be able to see just shadows. The other people, not knowing the truth but only the shadow of the truth, would believe that it is better to stay where they are rather than to ascend. Here you learn that these people are not prisoners of the chains, but instead of their own minds. They're comfortable in the realm of the senses, barred by their beliefs, disinterested in knowledge. They lack reason and intelligence. They do not know their world or their selves. Therefore, they are doomed."