Oliver Cromwell Hero or Villain

Oliver Cromwell : hero or Villain ?

Oliver   Cromwell Was an important figure in English history. James Heath said “His name and memory stink”, this I think leads us to believe he was a villain, Samuel Pepys said “People look back and praise him”, but insinuates him to be a hero,   but Edmond Ludlow said “ How glorious, but then such betrayal.” Which makes us think him hero and villain…?
I will look at some of the reasons that show we have to look at the reasons for his actions, rather than just the action itself, to try and see if he is hero or villain.

The first reason that Cromwell is thought of as a hero is the fact that one of his actions meant he abolished the monarchy in 1649. Many people liked this because they were puritans or protestants that disliked King Charles. The evidence supporting this is because Charles bought gold and silver and other wealthy items into the church, making them look like catholic churches. This is reliable evidence because his wife Henrietta, was From France, which was a mainly Catholic country. This shows Cromwell a hero, because he was supported by the civilians.
The first reason Cromwell was considered a villain, is evident when he became Lord Protector, as his actions made catholic beliefs insignificant under this law and no one was allowed to enjoy themselves , as puritans believed this was un-necessary. This is a reliable source as puritans morals were that if you worked hard and led a peaceful life, you would go to heaven.
The second reason Cromwell is considered a hero is the evidence of him winning the Civil War for the Parliamentarians. This is reliable because he stopped the king misusing Parliament. The evidence was in the fact that the King was collecting taxes for his war. However this could go against Cromwell because in fact he went on to mistreat Parliament himself on becoming Lord Protector, as previously mentioned, which is exactly what the King did, so making him a villain too!
Another reason Cromwell...