Che Guevara Hero or Villain

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara Source Analysis
Primary Sources
  (1) Che Guevara, speech (21st August, 1960)
This source gives an overview of Ernesto Guevara’s life from his point of view. He tells the audience of his past as a doctor travelling the Americas. Guevara talks about how he saw suffering as a result of hunger and poverty and of his time in Guatemala where he saw a revolution take place but did not take place in it. He reflects on this later saying that you can be a revolutionary but nothing will happen without a revolution where people band together to change something. Throughout the speech Guevara talks about how we are all products of our environment. This links into the reasons why he wants to have a revolution, to improve the lives of people by surrounding them in the correct environments.   This source gives us an insight into why Che Guevara wanted to start a revolution and the reasons he had for his decision to change Cuba.
  (2) Che Guevara, speech (17th October, 1959)
Che Guevara’s speech outlines what he considers important for the revolutionary world. He slanders the current university system by saying that they are producing lawyers and doctors for the ‘old social system’ but should be focusing on more important things for a developing country such as agriculture and education not finance or law. Guevara then goes on to say that the university is not outside of the people’s control and should not be seen as something larger than the revolution.   This source shows how passionate Che Guevara was about the improvement of education in Cuba and how he thought that anything was possible with the power of the people behind him.

  (3) Che Guevara, Tactics and Strategy of the Latin American Revolution (October, 1962)
This source shows Che Guevara’s attitude towards power and the ties that power has with other social aspects and geographical aspects.   He talks about how power is the result of revolution and how Cuba’s global position plays a...