Olectionsps 561 Week Five Ref

Week 5 Team Reflections
Objectives for week three concerning bottlenecks applies to every team members work environment. Each member has had a dilemma at work, which has created a bottleneck causing a constraint on completing a task. Scheduling affects each member’s work activities, timing is important for completing daily responsibilities. Each member agrees that applying Goldratt’s theory of constraints to our work ethics will aid in identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in our daily work performance. Team A discusses their understanding of designing a project implementation plan and the importance of developing, discussing, designing, and implementing a plan as a roadmap for how a job is to be performed from start to finish.
Week four objectives involved identifying the supply chain of a business, strategic capacity planning, and lean production. The supply chain identifies how a business operates from beginning to end. The operation includes how information is transferred, the materials used, the suppliers, manufacturing, factories, and delivering of the product to the customer. With understanding the supply chain, the business is able to operate more productively. Team A used this information to create the paper that was due last week. However, we needed a clearer understanding of how to implement the information for the paper.
Strategic capacity planning is the determination of what a business need. A business does not want to have too many or too few of a product. A business should strive for equilibrium, a balanced flow, to competitively operate while making maximum profit. Along with resources of inventory and factories, labor force size plays a role in strategic planning. Therefore, managers and staff are needed to enforce policies while keeping cost down (Chase, Jacobs, Aquilano. 2006).
With lean production, bottlenecks must be identified in order for the business to operate at a continuous flow. Lean production involves using what is needed to...