Oil Extraction Machine

OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE is the most important section in the edible oil processing line, and the oil extraction machine is the key point to ensure the quality of edible oil and the meal, and to reducing the production costs. When oil extraction machine working, can choose to use atmospheric pressure or negative pressure evaporation, stripping process, prepress the high oil content oil seeds or directly extracting the low oil content material. The selection of oil extraction machine adopts fixed grid plate rotocel and intermittent siphon large spray, ensure the residual oil in meal below 1%; the absorption of imported DTD, DTDC in the oil extraction machine, can reducing the residual solvent in the meal, at the same time, passivating the activity of urease.
Oil extraction machine is used to extract oil by soaking or spraying the oil seed cakes with organic solvent, usually use Hexane as the solvent.
3 kind extractor for oil extraction machine designed by Zhengzhou Dayang: Rotocel extractor, Loop type extractor, chain extractor, chain box extractor, meet with different capacity of the oil processing plant.
1.Rotocel extractor is the most common used extractor in oil extraction machine, running smoothly, low residual oil rate.Can be adopt the pseudosubstrate type and fixed gate bottom type, generally used to counter current spray, suitable for middle or a little bigger size oil plant. Dayang`s rotocel extractor adopt special spray process, when extracting cotton seed oil, can reduce the residual oil to 0.36%.
2.In the oil extraction machine, Loop type extractor is suitable for big size oil plant, convenient transportation, prefer by the foreigners in recent year.
3.Chain extractor suitable for high oil content oil seeds in the oil extraction machine, material layer is thin, permeate thoroughly, the residual oil is lower than 1%.