O. Henry

Candice Cooper
Mr. Nikolaus
31 March 2010
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry
Plot: The story starts out with “one dollar and eighty-seven cents” This is all the money that Della has to buy her wonderful husband a Christmas gift. With Christmas being the next day, she sits on the couch and bursts into tears while deliberating what she can possibly do to get enough money to buy her husband an amazing gift. As she’s sitting on the couch the author goes into detail about their financial situation. He explains how Jim’s hours have been cut back and expenses outweigh their salary. Although they do not make much money, each other’s love is all they need to make them rich. After her episode of sobbing, she has a quick look out the window. Then in a quick turn, turns around and shortly after lets her knee-length hair down. The author then describes how the young couple have but two possessions in which they were very proud of; Jim’s family heirloom, a gold watch, and Della’s hair. She “nervously” puts her hair up and gets dressed for the cold. She walks to the beauty shop and asks the beautician if she would buy her hair. The lady said she would give twenty dollars for it. Just what she was hoping for! With the money she earns she buys the perfect gift for her husband; a chain for his watch. She then returns home. Worried Jim will no longer find her attractive she tries to make her hair presentable. After that she begins cooking dinner and starting the coffee. When Jim arrives home he simply stares at her with no expression on his face. Extremely worried she hurried over to him and explained that she had to do it for money because she couldn’t bare not getting him a wonderful gift for Christmas. After that, Jim explains that once she opens her gift she would understand what made him have the reaction he did. She tears open her gift to find a fancy set of combs she’d wanted for a while. She cries out in joy only to immediately after begin sobbing. Once she gets...