Nvq Level 2 Assignment 202 Principles of Personal Development

Assignment 2

Social Workers follow certain standards that give guidance on ways of working that have been identified as good practice. These Standards include Legal Requirements (Regulations), Codes of Practice, National Occupation Standards (For Training in different job roles) and minimum standards.

Identify two standards for each of the different aspects of social care listed below.

A1: Confidentiality and Sharing.
Data Protection Act (legislation)
Outcome 21: records from the essential standards of quality and safety.
A2: Equality and Diversity.
Whistle Blower in any case of harm and abuse.
Respecting an individual’s rights of others at all times.
A3: Health and safety.
Protect yourself from abuse and harm.
Risk assessments
A4: Personal Development.
Continual Search for knowledge and confidence.
Personal reflection of own work to observe development.
A5: Safeguarding and Protection.
Monitor Health and safety Risk while working.
Check that the people who are present have the right to be there.
A6: Explain what a PDP is and what should it include.
PDP is a Personal Development plan and it should include:
Reflection of your achievements
Recording of your thoughts and ideas
Action Planning set goals of learning
Executing Activities to complete your plan
Evaluation of how well you are doing
A7: Identify three people who might be involved in providing information and feedback for a personal development plan.
NVQ Assessors
A8: List Three different ways your own learning and development plan might be supported.
Training courses
Supervisor Feedback
A9: List Four Different ways that a personal development plan may benefit your learning and development.
It Sets realistic goals
Help you stay organized and have timescales
So you can easily see how you are doing and if you are achieving your goals
So you can see what you need to improve on and spend more time...